Friday, 11 May 2012

In the News {Homework}

Every week as part of his homework Neihana has to report on current news. Here is this week’s news presentations:

Sonny Bill Williams' best is yet to come!

People are saying Sonny Bill’s best is yet to come in the next chiefs game. They say its a show worth watching. He has looked more threatening than ever, so apparently, he will be a death machine! People say he is a good influence to children even though he does boxing. He is a unselfish player.
I think he is going to smash every one.

Gecko Smugglers

A German tourist came down to Dunedin peninsula and secretly hunted some geckos and tried to smuggle them all the way back to Germany with him. He is named Andreas Hahn which has to suffer either 6 months in jail or a 100,000 dollar fine, the judge is still deciding on which one he should choose as a punishment. Geckos sell for 8,000 each and he got four, you do the math!

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