Sunday, 6 May 2012

In the News {Homework}

Angry Birds Bears

Somehow a male bear escaped a gigantic jungle and ended up in a University in Colorado, America, which was coincidentally called Bear Creek. The bear weighed 91kg (200 pounds) and it was there for 21/2 hours. A women named Rhona Chestnutt was pushing coins into a parking meter when she felt shaggy fur brush across her leg and thought it was a large dog. But once she saw his face she realized it was a black bear. All of a sudden it sped off and scattered up a tree, where it got tranquilized. It fell on a soft mat that animal control carefully placed out at the correct spot.                                                              It eventually got freed back into the wild.
I think that it would be weird seeing a bear falling out of a tree hopelessly.

The Scream

At an auction in New York the second most famous painting in the world (first is mona lisa) The scream was sold  for 148.5 million dollars to an unkown caller. The bidding started off at around 80.m and in only 15 mins it shot up to 148.5.m. Suddenly, the room erupted in applause and cheering.

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