Wednesday, 21 March 2012

In the News {Homework}

Every week as part of his homework Neihana has to report on current news. Here is this week’s news presentations:

King of Tonga, Dead!

The king of Tonga, King George Tupou died 19th March in a Hong Kong hospital aged 63. For the next 100 days Tongan people are going to wear black constantly. His brother is going to take his place as king of Tonga. He suffered a long series of illness. Last year, he had a cancerous kidney removed. But still, his death was a shock to around 100,000 people!

I think it would be real annoying if I had to wear black for that long.

12 year old takes off!

On Sunday 18th March a 12 year old boy took off for a wee joyride around Tokoroa in his mum’s car at 1.30 pm. He picked up his mates aged also 12 and 15, they took turns driving around town going 160kmhr!!!! The owner called the police when she saw that it had been stolen from her but, she didn’t know it was her kid that stole it. She thought he was in his room reading and playing in his room.

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