Friday, 16 March 2012

In the news {Homework}

Jerome Kaino is out!

In the Blues vs Chiefs game Jerome Kaino got tackled too high and part of his shoulder bone got chipped off the joint. At first, he thought it would settle but after a while it started hurting too bad so he had to stop ignoring it and get it checked out and face the facts. He can’t play super rugby or anything for six months so he can’t play for Blues this season. He says he is gutted.

I think it’s disappointing.

Bear Grylls is fired!!!!

On 14th of March Bear Grylls was fired because of a contract dispute with the Discovery channel. He is disappointed that he got fired but he had a long run while it lasted, it lasted 6 years!!! He was in the business ever since 2006. He says his most challenging one was in New Zealand. He knew it would happen some time, just not this early. He thought in maybe in 3 or 4 years time.

I think it’s real sad that he got fired because he’s a legend.

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