Saturday, 3 March 2012

The Death Cart

This week after school Neihana went to work creating his invention, The Death Cart:

He made up some ‘blueprints’ and busied himself in the garage, using whatever he could find and taking things apart so he could use their parts. No one was allowed in the garage while he was working, except Shane, who decided to spoil the surprise and tell everyone what he was making. (There was a major fight about that one!)

On Thursday it was time for the Big Reveal. He was very excited to show us all what he had made.

He loved it, just getting in there and making something, and can’t wait until his next project. Who knows what he will come up with next!



  1. Very imaginative Neihana and great pics to go with it. But please stay off it now as Nana is having fits worrying about you.

    1. Naah, it's too addictive for me to stay off. Sorry.


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