Friday, 24 February 2012

In the News {Homework}

Every week as part of his homework Neihana has to report on current news. Here is this week’s news presentations:

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Blue Ivy

Beyonce and Jay-Z’s new baby Blue Ivy is 1 month old and is already a star! Her parents have made a blog all about her and it has around 1,000,000 views every day! Her birthday is January 7th and she was born in New York.
I reckon Blue Ivy is pretty cute.

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New Lotto Dog

Paddy the old lotto dog’s son Astro will take Paddy’s place because he there was delays so he couldn’t go back to New Zealand and he now has a new family and he had to go to India to live there. Astro’s owner lives on a farm and he said its not his fault if he miss behaves.
I reckon it’s real sad that he had to stay in India.

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Sonny Bill takes Hurricanes

Sonny bill is eager to take on Hurricanes as he’s currently playing for the Chiefs. He has been training hard so he can waste them hard. The game is on February 25th at Waikato stadium, he is very excited.

I reckon he will waste them all.

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